Custom Heavy Equipment Guarding

Custom Design, Test & Fabrication

Registered Professional Engineer On Site

Industries Served: forestry, demolition, construction, agriculture, mining, material, handling

Guards in photo are representative only- your guard needs may be different- excavator shown here, but we have custom guarding solutions available for all machine forms.

Services Include:

  • Compliance to OSHA/MSHA regulations for operator safety
  • Custom guarding solutions for operator and machine
  • ROPS repairs and alterations under MSHA 57.14130
  • In-house operator safety guard design, build & compliance testing to :
    • ISO
    • SAE
    • WCB
    • OSHA
    • MSHA

Guarding Types:

  • ROPS cab guards (roll-over protective structure)
  • FOPS canopies (falling object protective structure)
  • OPS guards (operator protective structure-windows)
  • Specialized guarding for other areas of machine.
Hitchi 160 Guard